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Joe Cordina: Proving His Mettle as a True Fighter

In his recent title wins, Joe Cordina has demonstrated the heart of a warrior. Despite his modest knockout-to-win ratio, the undefeated two-time IBF junior lightweight champion is more than just a boxer; he's a true fighter. As he prepares to defend his title against Edward Vazquez from San Antonio, Cordina has a clear message for anyone underestimating his capabilities.

"I've been told I lack power, but I silenced the doubters by knocking out the reigning IBF junior lightweight champion, Kenichi Ogawa," Cordina confidently declared at the pre-fight press conference for the upcoming DAZN event in Monte Carlo, Monaco. "Critics also believed I was all about style, but my ability to dig deep was evident when I faced the former IBF champion, Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov. If you've seen my daily training and sparring routines in the gym, you'd understand."

Cordina proudly reminds everyone of his victories over exceptional fighters who have claimed Olympic and World Gold medals, making it clear that he is the real deal.

This Saturday, Cardiff's Cordina (16-0, 9 KOs) will defend his IBF title against Edward Vazquez. Cordina's first title reign included a spectacular second-round knockout of Kenichi Ogawa last June in Cardiff, which marked a memorable start but a short-lived reign due to a hand injury. He missed the opportunity to defend his title against Rakhimov, who later claimed the vacant championship with a ninth-round knockout of Zelfa Barrett.

Saturday's bout will be Joe Cordina's first defense as a major titleholder, and he is the heavy favorite to retain his title through the weekend.

"The Rakhimov fight is the only one where I had to push myself to the limit," Cordina reflected. "So when I say you have to be special to defeat me, it's not arrogance but belief in my abilities. I've consistently proven it throughout my professional career, as well as in my 180 amateur fights."

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