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I'm eager for a swift rematch.

Francis Ngannou has left no room for doubt about his intentions, openly expressing his strong desire for a rematch with Tyson Fury. Mere days after his sensational performance against Fury, the 37-year-old Ngannou, a coveted figure in the world of combat sports, is already plotting his next move.

"I yearn for the rematch more than anything else," Ngannou declared. "While there are plenty of options on the table, my top priority is securing that rematch."

Fury had his upcoming bout with Oleksandr Usyk lined up even before he faced Ngannou. Yet, the MMA heavyweight champion believes that he and Fury should settle their unresolved business before the boxing world champions step into the ring together.

"In my ideal scenario in boxing, I'd bide my time for a rematch with Fury. If Usyk could graciously step aside, allowing me to face Fury, that's my first choice. Afterward, they can proceed with their plans, and I might venture into MMA for a match, returning to the boxing ring to take on different opponents," Francis explained.

Looking ahead, he shared his upcoming plans, stating, "I'm considering the possibility of having two fights next year, potentially commencing in February or March."

Despite the judges' split decision in favor of Fury in their last bout, many fans are convinced that Francis outperformed Tyson. When asked about the possibility of appealing the decision, Ngannou expressed reservations, noting, "Who would I even appeal to? The British Boxing Commission? I believe I stand little chance there. It would likely be another form of humiliation."

Notably, the WBC has signaled its intent to include Ngannou in the world ratings. Thus, if a rematch between Ngannou and Fury comes to fruition, the world title will be up for grabs. Both Fury and Usyk have rematch clauses in their contracts, potentially complicating the scheduling of such a rematch.

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