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Hearn Affirms Wilder's $50 Million Offer to Joshua, Clarifies No Formal Contract Was Dispatched

Deonty Wilder Versus Anthony Joshua possability
"Negotiations and Contract Dispute."

Sources claim that Matchroom Promoter Eddie Hearn has corroborated Deontay Wilder's assertion of offering $50 million to Anthony Joshua for a potential bout. However, Hearn clarified that negotiations reached an impasse as Wilder's team failed to provide a formal contract.

In the upcoming schedule, both former world champions are set to participate in separate bouts on December 23 in Saudi Arabia. Wilder is scheduled to face former champion Joseph Parker, while Joshua will take on top contender Otto Wallin. The outcomes of these matches may set the stage for a highly anticipated encounter between Wilder and Joshua in 2024.

Wilder contends that Joshua's management has impeded the matchup in recent years, citing concerns about safeguarding the revenue-generating fighter for the company. Venting his frustration to the Daily Mail, Wilder stated, "It's his management that have held him back from fighting me because, you know, he's a fighter. It's been over six years (waiting for the fight to be made). But there comes a point in time where you're like, 'Forget it.'"

Providing historical context, Hearn disclosed that Wilder's offer was received several years ago. However, when Hearn requested a formal contract to solidify the terms, none was forthcoming. Recounting the events, Hearn explained, "To be honest with you, that was about three, four years ago. No one came to us with an offer. We received an email."

Elaborating on the situation, he continued, "I mean, me and Deontay are friends so I don't want to be hard, but we received an email from a Hotmail address saying we will give you $50 million dollars for the fight. It was sent to Anthony Joshua. Directly. He was like 'what.' So, I went back and said send the contract."

However, negotiations hit a roadblock at this juncture. Hearn further explained, "They went no, you need to agree terms before we send the contract. I said you don't agree terms before sending the contract. I didn't know what the contract looks like at this point. I'm not going to put myself in a position and say yes I agree terms and then receive a contract that is just rubbish and you can't sign it. But, they never sent it."

Hearn concluded by underscoring the importance of looking towards the future and emphasizing the significance of the December 23 fights, as they hold the key to the potential Wilder-Joshua matchup.

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