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"Harlem Eubank Triumphs with stoppage win Over Timo Schwarzkopf"

"Harlem Eubank Triumphs with stoppage win Over Timo Schwarzkopf"
"boxing performance, stoppage victory, Harlem Eubank, Timo Schwarzkopf"

Harlem Eubank (19-0, 8 KO’s) showcased his mettle in a challenging encounter, triumphing over Timo Schwarzkopf (22-6, 13 KO’s) with two knockdowns and an eleventh-round stoppage in front of his Brighton home crowd.

Despite his overall success, Eubank occasionally displayed signs of inexperience at the highest level. Notably, there were instances where he struggled to control his range and distance, especially with his feet placement during body shots, resulting in a point deduction and several warnings.

From the opening bell, both fighters engaged aggressively. Schwarzkopf aimed to push Eubank back, landing a significant right hand early on. Eubank, employing lateral movement, sought to time his left hook but found himself in a clinch after absorbing a powerful right from Schwarzkopf.

The dynamic was established, with Schwarzkopf adopting an aggressive stance, while Eubank capitalized on his slicker style when punching off movement. Despite this, both fighters avoided prolonged inside work. Eubank, however, managed to get Schwarzkopf's attention with a left hook in the third, setting the stage for a dramatic round where Schwarzkopf went down but bravely recovered.

Despite warnings and a point deduction for low blows in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds, Eubank dictated the majority of the fight. Schwarzkopf, however, displayed resilience, gaining momentum in the fourth and managing to push Eubank.

Eubank regained control in the sixth, utilizing effective ring movement and strategic shoulder nudges. Despite another warning for a low blow in the seventh, Eubank showcased superior upper body movement and a precise jab.

As the fight progressed, Schwarzkopf struggled to find a game-changing moment. Eubank's short hooks and uppercuts dominated the inside exchanges, and he consistently thwarted Schwarzkopf's attempts to sustain pressure.

In the eleventh round, Eubank sealed the victory with a powerful, short hook that sent Schwarzkopf to the canvas. Although Schwarzkopf rose to his feet, the referee, John Latham, deemed him unfit to continue, halting the fight after 42 seconds of the eleventh.

With this victory, Eubank claims the WBO Global super lightweight championship, setting the stage for potential challenges in the 140lbs division or a bold move into welterweight contention. Looking ahead, a potential showdown with Conor Benn at 147lbs is an enticing prospect, considering Benn's recent bout against Rodolfo Orozco, despite Benn weighing in slightly heavier at 154lbs. This matchup promises to be an evenly matched and compelling clash in the welterweight division.

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