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Deontay Wilder is enthusiastic about sitting down with Anthony Joshua

Wilder says he wants to travel to England to meet with Anthony Joshua
much-anticipated showdown between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

Deontay Wilder is eager to head to England for a face-to-face meeting with Anthony Joshua, aiming to orchestrate a colossal showdown between them. Despite Wilder's belief that Joshua might not be avoiding the fight himself, there's a sense that Joshua's management team is steering away from the matchup. In my opinion, I believe Joshua's management team is the one reluctant to pursue the Wilder fight, rather than AJ himself. However, considering the circumstances, I don't believe the fight with AJ and Wilder will materialize.

Wilder, however, remains confident in his ability to convince Joshua that their potential clash is the "biggest fight in the world." The outlook for Wilder facing the former two-time heavyweight champion Joshua in 2024 seems bleak, with Joshua showing disinterest in the bout. Some fans speculate that Joshua, compared to the fighter who controversially won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics, may not be the same force in the ring. Unfortunately for Wilder, Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has different plans for Joshua, expressing a strong interest in pitting him against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou, especially after Ngannou's impressive performance against Tyson Fury.

Hearn's ultimate goal is to organize an all-British mega-fight between Joshua and Fury, a prospect that generates excitement in the UK but may not resonate as strongly globally, especially in the U.S., where fans remain skeptical about considering Fury or Joshua as elite-level heavyweights. Reflecting on Fury's recent controversial victory over Ngannou, Wilder hints at suspicions and speculations among fans regarding potential foul play. Despite Fury's growing popularity, Wilder seems cautious not to distance himself from the influential figure, recognizing the potential consequences of doing so. Realistically, the chances of a fourth showdown between Wilder and Fury appear slim, as Fury may be hesitant to face Wilder again due to the physical toll their previous encounters took on him. Wilder suggests that the heavyweight division is avoiding him, with many believing that Fury's win over Ngannou was undeserved, marked by alleged instances of cheating.

Expressing uncertainty about Joshua's stance, Wilder contemplates a trip to England for a candid discussion with him, highlighting the importance of their potential bout. However, given the circumstances, my perspective is that the fight may not materialize. Wilder remains optimistic about the upcoming year, asserting his top ranking in various standings and expressing confidence that his time for a triumphant return is imminent.

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