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Controversy Erupts in KSI vs. Tommy Fury Bout: "I Got Robbed... It's Outrageous"

Does the concept of semi-professional boxing exist? In the realm of the sport, there are only two recognized divisions: Amateur and Professional. What's intriguing is that these two divisions, despite appearing quite distinct, share more similarities than one might initially realize. This leads to a question: Can "Misfits boxing" be regarded as the ultimate expression of white-collar boxing excellence?

Tommy's involvement in the highly profitable "Misfits" events on DAZN has certainly boosted his financial standing. Yet, it also raises a crucial concern. As he sets his sights on rejoining the professional boxing circuit, an important question emerges: Could his participation in non-traditional events potentially hinder his development as a traditional boxer? The demands, training regimens, and skill sets vital in the world of professional boxing often diverge significantly from those in entertainment-oriented competitions. This shift in focus may carry implications for Tommy's pursuit of becoming a seasoned professional boxer.

Now, the spotlight shifts to Tommy TNT Fury's next steps. Will he make a return to the professional boxing arena, where financial rewards may be more modest? Or will he opt for a rematch with KSI, or perhaps a showdown with Conor McGregor, a name he mentioned directly after his bout with KSI? The future holds a wealth of intriguing possibilities.

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