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Understanding The Noble Art


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Designed for Personal trainers & aspiring boxers. This book offers up-to-date, in-depth coaching for everyone. It will educate you on the correct stance, effective footwork, techniques, and punches used by Paul himself.


Paul Weir has been involved in the World of Boxing for over 40+ years. As a Boxer; from Amateur to two-time WBO Champion, as a Boxing Agent and a Boxing Coach. He now uses his experience and his expertise with clients who want to learn to train and Box like a Professional Boxer.


Paul focuses and trains his clients on all aspects of boxing training, for both individuals and


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Paul can provide Personal Training in both the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom. 

The foundation of the training Paul has devised, is the use of Technical Pad Work. This allows his clients to receive the maximum benefit from the Boxing training he provides. The concept and theory of the system of Pad Work that Paul utilises is that it allows an individual to develop a high level of fitness and skill. 

Paul directs each individual through perpetual-motion drills, which are utilised by professional athletes; this system is designed to enhance endurance, stamina, speed, power, co-ordination and muscle tone & strength. Every muscle in the body is utilised during this routine; some you may not have even known existed!

Offering a unique way of training for each client, Paul custom designs a program to meet an individual’s particular goals and aspirations. Care is taken to ensure everyone is trained the right way to avoid injury or over exertion. 

Paul is a well-respected Pad Work and Fitness Trainer. He'll work you hard, you won't get an easy ride - and that's why he's regarded as one of the best at what he does. 


"I had the benefit of training with Paul for over 3 years. We commenced on a journey that I could never have imagined. Before I started with Paul my training lacked focus and purpose and my return for effort was minimal. He recognised this and suggested I spend 30 mins in a session with him. We did ten 2 minute rounds of pad work. I had never boxed before but Paul's breakdown of technique and passion was infectious. I was hooked. I couldn't wait to book back in.


Very quickly I went from 1 to 2 to 3 sessions per week. My training completely transformed as did my body shape and fitness levels. I watched boxing bouts from a different perspective through the eyes of Paul. His passion and knowledge for the sport translates into his training and makes him elite at what he does. It is not a job for Paul it's what he loves to do.


He gave me the confidence and belief to continuously improve and training was no longer something I had to do it was something I couldn't wait to do. Glasgow's loss is Dubai's gain and I'm sure those that train with Paul will have the same experience I did"


"Paul Weir is an amazing coach in all aspects of the word! From skills, conditioning and mental preparation he covers it all!


I have seen Paul train all levels and I couldn't recommend Paul highly enough to any level of boxer"


"I have known Paul for 15 years and I can honestly say that he has been one of the most dedicated trainers and athletes I have came across. Paul believes that athletes, professional or amateur, should be pushed to their absolute max in order to achieve their goals.


He is a great motivator and provides encouragement and empowerment through his training. You truly get tailored one to one personal training with Paul. I would highly recommend him"




To book a Personal Training Session or discuss a group booking, 









The Paul Weir Fundamental Boxing Workshop endorsed by Active IQ.

This is the Fundamental Boxing Workshop every Personal Trainer should sign-up for to enhance their Boxing skills & knowledge and maximise the Boxing sessions given to new and existing clients. 

The course will teach you stance, technique and an understanding of balance to deliver correct footwork. You'll also be provided with information on how to correctly wrap your hands before any Boxing session commences as well as learning new punch-combination drills.

REPS Points will be awarded to every Personal Trainer attending the course. 

CONTACT PAUL for more information. 

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Paul Weir


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Picture provided courtesy of The Daily Record 

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