Personal Training

Paul Weir is a Personal trainer focusing on all aspects of Boxing training for Professional Boxers & individuals whether you are a male or female young or old. A main feature of this training is the Technical Pad work that will allow an individual to receive the maximum benefit from this boxing training. The concept and theory of this system of Pad work that Paul Weir utilizes allows any individual to develop a high level of fitness and skill.

Paul directs each individual through perpetual motion drills, which are utilized by professional athletes; this system is designed to enhance endurance, stamina, speed, power, coordination, and tone and muscle strength. Every muscle in the body will be utilized during this routine; some you may have not even known existed in your body!

Paul offers a unique way of training for each client by creating a bespoke program as well as training on the proper way to strike the pads so as not to injure yourself or the pad holder.

Paul Weir has become a well-respected Pad work and fitness trainer he will work you hard, don’t expect an easy ride! Because of this is highly regarded as one of the best at what he does.

Individual Session: 1 Hour £40.00
Block Booking: x 10 1 Hour Sessions £360.00 = 1 Free Session

Professional Boxing Coaching Career:
Missing the buzz of the gym and fighting for a living, so Paul has decided to come back and pass on his knowledge to a selection of Scotland’s up and coming talent.

Past & Present Fighters
Gary Young for his Scottish Welter Title fight with Gary McMillan, YOUNG won pts
Craig Docherty for his British Masters Lt.Middle against Paddy Pollock, Docherty 1st round KO
Kris Hughes – Scottish Feather Weight Champion,
Jonathan Slowey – British Masters Feather Weight Champion
Derry Mathews – Light Weight & Former British Champion
John Simpson – WBC Silver Super Feather Weight Champion

On the 9th October 2010 Paul was inducted into the Scottish Boxing Hall of Fame.